Altamont and Blue Ridge Railway2 

Layout, Power, and Control Specifications 


Scale - N

Number of Power Districts - 8 (6+ 2 auto-reversing district) 
Number of Detection Blocks - 92
Number of Turnouts – 72
Track -Atlas Code 55 flex – 845 feet
Turnouts – Altas Code 55 #10 and # 7 (custom modified for DDC) 
Switch machines – Tortoise 
Turntable - Walthers 130' with DDC 
Min Radius – 30” 
Max grade – 2% 
Track Power Bus Wiring – 12AG stranded, insulated
Track Power Feeders – 16AG stranded, insulated
Track Power Dropper – 20AG tinned bus wire 
Computers – 2 Hewlett Packard  – 4G ram, 3.1 mhz, Windows 10 
Interface –RR Circuits Loco Buffers UBS 
Train Control Software – Fieiwald Software - Traincontroller Gold
Power – Digitrax – CS100 DCC Control Station and Booster, 5 amps 
Power Management – 2 Digitrax – PS42 Quad Power Managers 
Block Detection – 6 Digitrax  BDL168 Loconet Occupancy Detectors and 1 BD4 Occupancy Detector (for separate streetcar line) 
Signal Control – 3 Digitrax SE8C Signal Decoders  
Stationary Decoders –  Digitrax - DS 64 Quad Stationary Decoders  
Mobile Decoders – Digitrax, TCS, and Lenz - various 
Control Software - Freiwald Software 4DSound 
Computer Playback – 2 ENCORE ENMAB-8CM 7.1 Channel USB Audio Box 
Speakers – 10  - Gear Head Sp2600acb Powered 2.0 Desktop

Train Room and Bench-work Specifications

Train-room dimensions – 33’ x 22’
Ceiling height – 9’ 
Walls – ½” sheet rock with 2 laminated layers of ¼ sheet rock bent around to form a 3’ radius at the corners
Ceiling and Soffit – ½ sheet rock 
Floor - concrete slab

4 – 15 amp circuits, one exclusively for track power, computers, and solid state components, one for work lights, tools and all other electrical devices, and two for custom room  lighting.
Lighting recessed in soffits – 21  4’  florescent strip lighting  fixtures powered by 7 100% to 1% Lutron Hi-Lume dimmable ballasts,  and fitted with 21  daylight fluorescent T8 tubes  in 21 T8 tube UV filters; and 20 Phillips HUE A19 WIFI Controlled Color bulbs for colored lighting effects.
Bench-work depth (wall to edge of bench) – 36” 
Bench-work height = 44.5”
Bench-work structure 1x6 wood frame 24” on center with 1x6 cross bracing as needed
Bench-work supports – 2x4 runners attached to the wall and 2x4 legs at the outer edge 
Bench-work surface under flat areas – 3/4” plywood base-½ “Homasote” surface
Bench-work surface under raised scenery - open
In the flat areas track is laid on cork roadbed glued directly to “Homasote.”In open areas raised road bed is constructed using  custom-cut 3/4”  plywood and  ½ “Homosote” cut to match “Homasote” is attached to the plywood with sheet rock nails; all cork roadbed is glued to the “Homasote” using white glue.  
Bench-work skirt - Custom Cut Black Poly Shirred Pleat  Skirting with Velco by  Premier Table Linens 

Train Central Air with a separate zone for the train room.