Altamont and Blue Ridge Railway  Train Room and Bench-work Specifications
Train-room dimensions – 21’ x 12’
Ceiling height – 8’
Walls – ½” sheet rock with 2 laminated layers of ¼ sheet rock bent around to form a 3’ radius at the corners
Ceiling and Soffit – ½ sheet rock
Floor - concrete slab with carpet in walking aisles
2 – 15 amp circuits, one exclusively for track power, computers, and solid state components, the other for lights, tools and all other electrical devices.
Lighting recessed in soffits – 11 ea  4’  florescent strip lighting  fixtures powered by 4 ea 100% to 1% Lutron Hi-Lume dimmable ballasts,  and fitted with 11 ea daylight fluorescent T8 tubes  in 11 ea T8 tube UV filters
Lighting dropped from the ceiling outside the soffits – Halo dual circuit tracks with up to 22 ea step cylinder cans and 65watt flood or spot bulbs.
Dimmers- Main circuit: daylight circuit with up to 14 ea 65W incandescent floods – 1000 watt Lutron single pole, 3-way dimmer. Secondary circuit: effects circuit with up to 8 ea 65 watt colored incandescent floods – 600 watt Lutron single pole, 3-way dimmer
Bench-work depth (wall to edge of bench) – 32”
Bench-work height = 42.5”
Bench-work structure 1x6 wood frame 24” on center with 1x6 cross bracing as needed
Bench-work supports – 2x4 runners attached to the wall and 2x4 legs at the outer edge
Bench-work surface under flat areas – 3/4” plywood base-½ “Homasote” surface
Bench-work surface under raised scenery - open
In the flat areas track is laid on cork roadbed glued directly to “Homasote.”In open areas raised road bed is constructed using  custom-cut 3/4” finish grade plywood and  ½ “Homosote” cut to match “Homasote” is attached to the plywood with sheet rock nails; all cork roadbed is glued to the “Homasote” using white glue. 
Bench-work skirt - Custom Cut Black Poly Shirred Pleat  Skirting with Velco by  Premier Table Lenins

LG Model  LA125HV “Mini-split” heat pump and air handler