Altamont and Blue Ridge Train Room Construction

Having previously built two HO scale layouts in the somewhat compromised confines of a back-bedroom and an unfinished basement, I looked upon the enclosure of the an entire 12 x 21 foot garage-bay in my new home in the mountains as an opportunity to create a space designed specifically for model railroading with special attention to electrical power, HVAC, surround sound, and lighting. Construction began in the spring of 2008.

A&BR Train Room Features Include:
*    wrap-around  mural wall with 36" corner radii.
*    an isolated 110 AC circuit for power and control devices
*    dedicated train room heating and air conditioning handled by a stand-alone LG LA125HV “mini-split” unit
*    speakers located beneath the bench all the way around the room creating a discrete surround sound environment designed to spatially locate stationary sounds and to track the sounds of trains as they move around the layout.
*    deep lighting soffits above, mirroring the outer edge of the bench-work with dimmable, UV filtered, daylight, florescent fixtures hidden above the layout inside the soffits and dual-circuit Halo track-lighting dropped from the central ceiling to just below soffit height outside the soffits. These tracks allow warm incandescent flood lights to be focused on the layout at various angles for hot and cool side lighting effects as well as for twilight and night effects. 

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