The ALCO PA2 was a 2 ,250 horsepower (1,680kW)  diesel passenger train locomotive manufactured in Schenectady, New York, by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) in partnership with General Electric (GE). Between June, 1946, and December, 1953, 89 were produced. The Southern Railway operated 6 of these. The L&N never owned any of these units.

On the A&BR, the Southern Railway operates two A type PA2 units and one B type unit, all in the traditional Southern green and gold paint scheme, while the L&N operates one A type unit in the old “all blue” paint scheme. Con-Cor powered model trains have not performed well for me, and the powered Southern and L&N PA2s are not presently in service. They currently reside on the auxiliary service track at Altamont yard. The Southern PA2 A and B dummy units along with a Kato EMD 8 make up the power train on the Southern’s crack Blue Ridge Crescent passenger express.